Monday, 8 March 2010

superexcitement is nothing but amazing....

... I have NEW old clothes!!!!

(Hi by the way, i'm just so excited at the prospects of my newly acquired *old* clothes!!! :)

my friend's mum wanted to throw a whole bin bagful of her old (what I call vintage...) clothes from the 80s.... but then she remembered my unhealthy obsession with old things... I spent a whole day reading books on the 1900s- 1920s era. Don't ask why. Because I just can. And I happen to find it fun!!!! :)

But anyhooos, back to the clothes... I have so many chiffon and cotton shirts... greatttttttt for summer... the whole dirty-dancing "baby-esque" look... if you know what I mean. (Dirty Dancing is a beautiful movie, btw...)

ANDDDDD, I have a blazer that looks like it belonged to MC Hammerrrr!!! GREAT TIMESS!!!

lool. just felt like updating you on my cheap acquisition of new clothes... still on the lookout for mums with wardrobes full of their old clothing!!!!! :)

ta-taaaa for now!!!


... very healthy website for the soul right about now...

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