Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The art of the 'Dapper Man'...

The 'dapper man' is so many things really. Not that a man is a thing, but you know, i'm focusing more on the 'dapper' than the man. So please bear with me.

I was clicking through the street blog SWAGGER 360, when I came across these wonderful gentlemen, thus inspiring this rant. Sorry?!

*Plus the fact that I am of the 'Fred Astaire, Clark Gable and Humphrey Bogart persuasion'. Or Mr Darcy, whichever person you're familiar with.*

But yarr... The dapper man. He is... mmm.... He is so very yummy to look at. Why, you ask?

I'll tell you. Not as a 'fashionista' or whatever these people with 'immense' fashion knowledge or whatever like to call themselves, but as a real, slightly abnormally dressed female who appreciates the art of the gentleman swag. 

The dapper man is effortlessly well put together. Yes. Paradoxical, isn't it? Effortless, but put together. The art of carefully piecing together items to produce a care-free outlook. Hence, the successful dapper man is a true art form to behold in itself.

swagger 360

You see how he has thrown the shocking pink into the mix. Whilst carrying that 'man- bag', and YET still he exudes that masculine arrogance? Dapper Man in full swing.

And the stance? The hand- in - pocket and crossed leg? The cocky stare? Such testosterone amidst Barbie pink socks. Ah-mayyy-zing.

swagger 360

... Or this dude that looks like he's just walked out of a James Baldwin novel. I am sold. But then again, I'm a sucker for anything pre my generation... Bite me..

Dapper Working Class man to a T. Check the worn in brogues... With the crisp trousers...

I wanted a picture of a man who rocked a seersucker jacket WELL. And I found this! Apparently, seersuckers are a no go area. Okay. Whatever. I thought fashion was about expressing one's self. But who cares... ANYWAYS, my man wears his seersucker well! Look at him!

You see this gentleman? Aspire to be like him when you get to his age. Wear red trousers and still look cool. Because I am in love. With his clothes, Jeez. No subliminals there....Just love the swagger!

HOWEVER, the dapper man is not just all Savile Row and crisp shirts; He is the man of all occasions. The man who wears his clothes with an air of superiority; not arrogance, merely that je ne sais quoi, that leaves people like me overwhelmingly excited (and possibly falling in love) at his ability to compel you to take notice of him. Be he in a suit, or raggedy jeans. The essential meaning of the word dapper doesn't agree with my last statement, but what the hell. My opinion!

*pictures from swagger 360

Oh-kay, back to my warped idea of reality now...
I have cereal waiting to be eaten.
SO, without further ado,

Goodnight and goodbye!

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