Monday, 28 March 2011

The Y chromosomers...

Ahhh... Boys.

Testosterone filled humans. The ones we love to pretend to hate so they can pretend to love us until they realise the love they feel for us, is in fact, the real thing. I know. We're quite cool humans, us women are...

I'm hoping you understand what my beginning paragraph was meant to signify. I haven't a clue what message even I was trying to pass across.

But I digress. No, I don't, considering my point has not been put across yet. The point, my beloved readers, is the fact that  I realised most of my musings on men's fashion is never translated on this thing. And since this is my domain to exclaim in my overtly hyperbolic manner, I figure I might as well talk about that also on here.

I love men's style. There is a slight difference between my love for men's style and women's, because a stylish man is an attractive man. Simply put. And that is not meant to be shallow in any way or form. It's just, clothes, nicely assembled, well put together on the male form is my Achilles heel.   A man who can wear his clothes with an effortless air of panache.

Yeah. Panache again. I like the word. Sue me. Which, finally, brings me to the fashiony-washiony bit of this post: Junya Watanabe's Fall collection.

Ohmygiddiness. Have you ever seen anything so proper? Well... Okay, possibly, but I warned you about the hyperboles I so very much love to use. I peeped this collection awhile ago, but it is still one of my favourites of the season. So refreshingly dapper. No nonsense, not focused on keeping up with the 'trend', just simple style. I labelled the coat-cardiganesque blazers 'coatigans', because 'blazigans' just do not sound as nice.

So... Yeah. The collection, without further ado...

I really love the 'Ye Olde English Gentlemen' vibes. Plus the geek cool undertones... I love me some geeky boys. Really.

* pictures,once again*

And pin-rolled trousers. Oh dizzums.

I must take my leave now though...


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