Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Fashiony Washiony... Zashiony Mashiony?...

style.com pictures...

...Eley Kishimoto fall 2008. I was obsessed/appalled at first with their heavily clashing prints and their penchant for pattern mixing.  You know how I feel for looking like a big hot crayola mess right? Yeah.

*pictures off the eleykishimoto website: www.eleykishimoto.com*

Fast forward three years, and Mark and Wakako are still bringing it! Their Autumn/Winter 11 collection has been labelled 'Attic Fantastic', hence the granny vibes. But this is granny chic with a twist; these grannies are undercover superheroes - with the infusion of bat tights into the collection. 

I want bat tights!!!! 

Okay. I shall exeunt now, before I start telling stories about bats and the animal kingdom altogether.

... Before I leave however. Actual bats are just disgusting looking rats. WITH WINGS! OHmygoodylicious! EWWWWW to the nth degree! How is that an animal? 

Plus, did I mention my hair is beautified with a numerous number of straws? Yes... Straws. Apparently it changes the curl pattern of your 'fro. Or something of the sort. 

My mother is at it again. Threatening me with hairstyles that I have never encountered ever in my life. I trust her though, so I hope this is successful since she's used me as her guinea pig.

For the upteenth time. Oh dear.



  1. lool i swear half of this runway clothes look so unwearable. like i dont see people walking on the streets with some of these dresses. I'm jst a college student so i dnt have elegant places to wear these dresses..oh well *kanye shrug*

    and my mum uses me as her guine pig too! she made me go on dreadlocks and now its almost impossible to take the locks out without loosing my hair :/

  2. Errr no bat tights for me thank you very much *shudder*- i want lil bird tights, or hearts tights :D


  3. Lol, guyyyys!

    @Adiya why not! Bat tights! Won't you just feel like Batgirl? You would!! trust me! LOL

    @Kitkat, the thing about runway outfits in a whole is the artistry of the pieces. I'm sure you could wear one of the pieces on each of the models... e.g the cardigan, or the top (maybe not together), mixing them with other prints and whatnot usually are a display of the theme of the collection, or simply, what inspired the pieces in the collection...

    I knoww! Me too, I have all these vintage pieces I've accumulated, but i'm still waiting for the perfect occasion to wear 'em to!


  4. Oh man I love these garments! The colors are so perfect I love the granny-ness and the bat tights are so cool, but I wouldn't wear them.

  5. Lovely collection, love the play with color and print!


  6. wow these clothes r so futuristic. i love looking at them and would love the bat tights.. i dont know so much about the others . i like the jewellery too.

  7. @Laura,you feeeel me? They're so delicate and pretty lol.. Okay.. I guess i'm the only one on the bat tights... :(

    @Abigail,Thanks for dropping by my blog!

    @Mbabazi, Lol... the others? What the spotty tights? I loooove the jewellery as well... So extra... hehe

    Thanks guys!


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