Sunday, 10 April 2011

There is enough inspiration and creativity to go round in the world. It's about time people stopped thinking they invented a style, or brought about a revolution simply because YOU DID IT FIRST. There is, afterall, NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN. Egyptians and Arabs started wearing HAMMER PANTS. They're famous 'cos of MC HAMMER. Emos (and my father's generation)wore drainpipes first; I thought they looked like idiots. Now hip-hoppers, scene kids, heck EVERYONE's wearing skinnies. It's not really about what you started doing or what you started wearing that matters, It's about knowing that what you do is your way of voicing out your identity through these various creative means.

...Plus, my mama said there was nothing wrong in copying good things. 


  1. There is nothing new under the sun oh. Copy copy is good- it lets you start from where others finished. Makes the world go round


  2. Thanks Kris and Adiya. I'm so peeved when I hear rants about how people copy their 'creativity' or all that hulabaloo. I love vintage, for example. My love for vintage might have started before a lot of newbie vintage lovers, but I can assure you that we never look the same. But we all wear vintage.

    At least feel flattered that they thought you worthy of copying in the first place!


  3. lool so true! most of the cute styles have always existed :p


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