Sunday, 15 May 2011

"You'll be my man, and I will be yo' woman everyday"...

Asa yet again, performing in March in France at the Victoire De La Musique concert, rocking a yellow Kemkemstudio blazer. (Yurrp... Another Nigerian designer!)

Ahhhh! I love the ensemble. Her locs to her pillbox hat to her... Damn. I just love everything. She's making me want to loc my hair.

...Given that my father will get the scissors out immediately I attempt to become a pseudo - Rasta, I think yarn braids will be an appropriate compromise... Right?

I am such a good daughter. Even though I knowww my father will have numerous things to say about my yarn braids lol.

Happy Sunday lovers!

Hugs and marshmallow kisses!

*pictures from Bella Naija


  1. oh you have a lovely blog :)

  2. I am In LOVE WITH ASA...
    Loving your blog!

  3. LOL Babe! Girl Crush! She looks great!



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