Friday, 3 June 2011

The Quirkspiration// Shop Feature: Lottie's Atik

macaroon necklaces! Yummy!

I clearly have problems with doing things chronologically and you know, just generally being normal. Remember my post about the shop with the ornate Grecian mirror where I promised to be back with more information on my friend's shop?

Urm... Yeah. That was sooo 2008, and I am indeedy, very 2000-and late with the actual feature. Please forgive me; that is, if you were actually interested in hearing about the topic in question.

Sidebar: Did you get the whole 2008/2000and late thing? I am trying sooo badly to show you guys that I am cool... *smiles*

Okay, let's geddddiiiit started! The elusive shop in question is my friend Charlie's, which therefore means my opinions concerning the shop are wholly biased. Because, wellllll... she is my homedawg after all right? It still seems weird that she's delved into the corporate world already whilst I'm still stuck in lectures learning about fish brains. *deadpan expression* 


I shall stop whining and continue with the shop story. The shop is called Lottie's Atik, from her name, and the attic bit is a true representation of the shop itself, given its layout. Ohhh the layout is beautiful. So like Charlie; vibrant and bursting with character at every corner, chaotic but orderly. From the Art Nouveau wallpaper, to the birdcage (THE BIRDCAGE! I want a birdcageee!! ), to the quirky jewellery...

...Annnnddd, I think if I were to give an in-depth description of the shop, this post would never end. So I shall move along.

The store is located along the sides of this steep hill in my home town of Lincolnshire, and the quaint setting is truly befitting for the store's location.

More information on Lottie's Atik/ Charlie the Superwoman: 
  • The store opened up at the end of summer last year, and I remember my horror/excitement upon hearing news of her opening up a shop and being a business woman. Now, my horror has vanished completely, and excitement has taken over.

  • Charlie is a math whizz and generally one of the craziest people I have ever met (seeing as she is one of the major reasons why I was almost never present in maths lessons in sixth form, given she would choose THOSE lessons to suggest a trip to Starbucks) 

  • Lottie's Atik has like, the best necklaces EVER to grace the planet. I am always privy to seeing the stock when she's going through them, 'cos Charlie gets excited like that and sends a boatload of pictures to me. (Not that I complain though)

... I told you she was mad. There she is, in all her grandeur. Charlie of Lottie's Atik people!

To find out more about Lottie's Attik, find her on their facebook page here, and be wowed by the extravagant goodness of the shop!

Toooooodle- oo!



  1. I wish i was there picking treasures out!! I did a double take on the bird cage lol. This store looks so cool. Am checking the FB page now in fact


  2. look like alot of fun love the jewellery :) x


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