Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Oh fashion, where cans't thou lead me?

I am currently undergoing a fash-drought, if I could call it that, at the minute.

I think it is as a result of being thrown into the deep end of corporate Britain; I am working as a pharmacy intern at Boots for the whole summer, which means I am dressed in drab clothing pretty much twenty four seven.

If you know me, (Which, let's be honest, seeing as we're all bezzies over hurr, you undoubtedly do) you will know that wearing black, and black, and... oh, BLACK all day everyday is not something this homo sapien is all too comfortable doing.

But.... Ohhhh welllllzzzt ehh?

The money however, is good for my frivolous spending though. And by frivolous, you KNOW I mean buying things for dirt cheap right? I bought some purple high waisted shorts and a tartan shirt for 50p. Haaaaaaaaa! 

LOL.  I shall show you some pictures soon!

Anyways, since I've been put on fash-expulsion by the government THEMSELVES, I shall flood this space with music.

Soooo, here goes my loverrliess! 

Sara Bareilles - Love on The Rocks

If you have any fashion obsessions you would like to let a sistuh in on, do drop by!!

I am in need!



  1. Lol at this post. Sorry for the by force drab clothing. Right now i'm really hearting sheer blouses! :D

    Adiya (formally The Corner Shop)

  2. When you got no money uniformity is uber cool tho so, save the loot and splash later.
    oh and save a lil, you never know when it might rain (rainy day)

  3. Funny post,

    great blog, I'm following, :)



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