Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Alice+Olivia Resort 2012// Oh rainbows I love thee...

I uhh... Don't know if you've noticed, but I'm kind of addicted to colours. Even waaay before the colour blocking trend came in yo. I am such a visionary. Okay, that was a joke (The visionary part, before people think I'm conceited... *gulps*)

Well, there's nothing like the Alice + Olivia Resort Collection to get me out of my fash-drought ehh? I blame it on the combination of 60's glamour with 80's colour obsession. Gaaaah. I want that monochrome maxi and the monochrome palazzo pants. Anyone know anyone who knows somebody, who knows the designers? If you do, get at me please. Thanking you in advance. *gives the most believable winning/innocent/puppy dog smile* 

Although, this post is getting here rather late. Seeing as we are already waving goodbye to the summer that never really existed here in Britain. On to winter fashion eh? Life is hard, I tell you. Too hard.

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