Friday, 11 November 2011

Styletroduction: Napoleon Dynamite...

I told her to strike a pose... And then she did some ANTM thing with her eyes????

In order not to go off on a rant (AS I USUALLY DO... Gosh I am tired of myself and my inclinations towards verbosity), I am determined to introduce you to my dear homedawg, Opeyemi with as little stress as possible.

See what I did there? I immediately dropped her name in so I could remind myself of the destination of this post. Haaaa!

I would like to introduce the world out there/ those men-women-aliens (of which, I am certain the latter [aliens] are the ones mainly reading this... Because my blog count is quite alarming these days, and I KNOW I am not that cool... so... Yeah) who read this blog, to my dear friend. And the post title is oh so very apt in explaining her character, that I could not resist. She is, a self confessed geek. Like, she actually loves to study. The library is her -

I will stop there, because I know she's probably going to read this and murder me. Which we do not want now, do we?

Anyhoos, as you can tell from her outfit, she likes to dress like a geek too. But only sometimes. Other times, she's a girly girl in a dress (very rarely so however), but most especially, she has that 'off duty model' style that works so well on her (you know, the whole knit and leggings and distressed work boot look? Yeah. Her staple). We keep begging her to model, 'cos I mean, look at those legs, but NOOO, she has to be sensible and pursue a pharmacy career *rolls eyes*...

The turb is divine no? Yes? and check those WHAMMY glasses! Ayy mami! 
What I love about her style is the minimalism. Very subtle, but she knows what she likes and she knows what suits her. And that is where her 'fashion' obsession ends. She wears what she wants to wear, not for trends, or for the sake of fashion. Who can begrudge a girl cool points for doing her? Certainly not me!

And finally, you can't have a Styletroduction feature without a silly face pose!

Toodles guyss!


  1. awwww! she is so cute. love her style.

  2. like her style.
    yeah, she seems to have long, striking legs :D


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