Saturday, 26 December 2009

oh dear...

... ermm i've literally, no joke, spent almost the better part of an hour trying to figure out how to change the template of this thing, to sorta make it look slightly appealing. I'm terrible with technology jeez!!! But looking for skins(or backgrounds or whatever they might be called now), sorta reminded me of myspace days, you know, making your myspace page all weird and funky so no-one knows where or how the heck you got such a skin from?

Okayyyyyyy... now i'm babbling. the skin thing made me wonder why i'm even bothering with this reason, i'm just boredoutmyskinwithnothingtodo *smiles* and I figure why not join the blogging world????

SO, here I am... a bloggerette. not a twitterette, because thats just unecessary if you ask me!!!!! it's no facebook or myspace (or hi5 even... remember that horrific thing!!! *shocked face at ever being part of such* ). Anyyyyyyhoos (I tend to digress an awful lot when i'm a) bored, and b) talking about absolute rubbish!!! :) and it's 3am in the morning, but here I am!!!! creating an ehem *MASTERPIECE* of randomnessss! :)

...I think i'll stop now, and leave the rest for later?

...even though I said nothing worthwhile, or nothing about myself...

but i'll be back! (I hope)

bisousfornow, Loverliesss! :)


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