Wednesday, 24 February 2010

errrm...yet another anything....

scarlett o'hara - gone with the wind.... a whole 4 hrs of my time!


hello there. it's been awhile since I imparted beautiful words of wisdom on this, and I thought, why not? since I have nothing to do (well... i might have coursework to hand in and tests to revise for, but thats totally BESIDES the point).

But yeahhh, lest i digress, back to the topic of anything. Whilst scouring through past blog posts, I realized something. That this is just a random jumble of thoughts and raw unprocessed rubbish. I like to think of it as art, you know, given the random beauty of it, how almost none of the blogs make sense?

So, here's the conclusion. I will try.. the main word here being TRY to write about something.... not just anything, because anything is quite a broad subject really!

Hope you like itttt!
Bisous for nowww!!

P.S: still trying to figure out how to work this damned template thing!!!!! I need HELP!!!! lol.

the picturessss.... just the last bout of randomness...

a few things I like! :)                        
                                                      edie sedgewick... absolute style icon!!!



auf wierdesehen...

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