Thursday, 25 February 2010

my life would run smoooother with these!!! please God!!!

So.... I will start this post by stressing that  I am not, nor have ever been materialistic in any shape or form. But, I would like to have these things (PLEASEEE God let me have a job by summer), before...well i'm 25?? at LEAST!!!. Because it will make things much easier (okay maybe it won't ; but it would make my heart so warm and fuzzy!!!!)

  1. Doc Martens... YES. BLUE ONES.... but black patent ones would be fine too! :) ( buying these soon!!!!

2. Boxset of Seasons 1-7 GG would be PERFECT... on my way already, I have seasons 1-3!! :)

3. Holly Golightly's house in Breakfast at Tiffany's.... tooooo beautiful!!!! the wallpaper is just pure beauty!

3. Buy an Alexander Mcqueen original...but now he's gone and killed himself!!! RIP. but yeah, a Mcqueen would be nice please!!!

4. have a whole wardrobe full of leggings... to last a lifetime... just because I can. YES.

5. a nice digital you can see the world through my, err... random eyes?

6. to Live, Learn and BE french.... okay that's DEFINITELY not happening by the end of 2010... university??? lol... oops... :/

...that would be all for now.....

Many thanks,


  1. i want doc martens 2! dey so cool:) fink i'll settle 4 da black ones doe lol

  2. lol.... i only just saw this! sorry..:P

    but the blue ones are just shinyy and niceee! :)



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