Saturday, 13 March 2010

"I'm not impressed by your perverted mouth breathing"....

*giggles*... this line is just pure genius. If you've watched Transformers 2, maybe you'll understand why ( or maybe not, given that I find absolutely mundane things HILARIOUS. I don't know why, but I was lolling for ages at that line!)

Anyways, enough of the diatribe. Hi fellows!  I've got the blog itch yet again. And this time, maybe i'll write something vaguely substantial. But who knows! *makes geeky face*

But yea-hhhh... i'm bored again. Which means that substantial information for now, is out the window. Apologies!  It's yet another Saturday with this horrible weather. The plastic sun is out in all its grandeur, deceiving people (aka me), that we might have a chance, at least of anticipating summer!  sad times.... So instead, i've decided to tidy. But that's not going too well... considering i'm blogging now. 

Anyhooos... by now i'm sure you're wondering what the main point to this post is, given the random title choice. But remember the time when such statements were the ultimate playground abuses? (wellll... at least in my primary school they were). 

You can tell i'm feeling rather nostalgic. How this happened as a result of watching a sci-fi -witty-romcom with absolutely amazing CGI and beautiful actors/producers/directors is totally beyond me. They do say the mind is a great wonder afterall...

Lest I digress....

Remember statements like...

Talk to the face 'cos the hand aint listening.

SOOOO funny.. I forgot to laugh (insert 'oohs).

Kid 1: you're stupid
Kid 2: (pause) yeahhh... but you're stupider.. (makes face)

Move over; your breath stinks. (short, concise, yet painful at the same time... I thought my breath stank the whole day, I kept my mouth shut).

Kid 1: Shut up!!! Leave me alonee!!!
Kid 2 (obviously feeling smug) : But i'm not holding you. And don't tell me to shut up. 

Most common one after obviously loosing verbal fights... after kid 1 OBVIOUSLY won and kid 2 has nothing to say ( I know this because I have been both kid 1 and 2):

other kid: yeah... sooo?... I don't care! Go away!!

LOL. Enough of the reminiscence. El madre is beginning to wonder why I look so focused on the computer screen. If only she knew.... *does evil laugh*

Speak Laterrrrr! Back to tidying the unfolding civil war that is my room!

Smell you later!


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