Friday, 2 April 2010

...for the lace of love...

Ohmigiddyness. Hiiiiiiiii!

So, i'm back. Fortunate for me, unfortunate for others who thought i'd shut up about my anythings for awhile. Thing is, there's actually nothing I badly want to blog about (is there ever), except I remembered the numerous scenes in SATC of Carrie sitting so comfortably with her laptop balanced effortlessly on her lap (lol. Laptop; lap *does geeky giggle*) and typing away about her *findings*on the JOB (if you can call wearing expensive clothes and having an enormous closet of shoes whilst writing about naughty stuff a job), whilst looking so smugly chic. And I suddenly feel the urge to write on this thing. 

Except, I sorta look the total opposite; I'm sitting in the dark, albeit comfortably balancing my laptop on my lap (haaaa), and in spongebob PJs meant for a 13 year old boy-kid, with my hair in a slumber hat. Don't even attempt to judge me. At least i've managed to satisfy my err... wandering imagination.

Anyhowwws, i've missed you, dear blog! it's been far too long! Too many deadlines, patients NOT to kill, interviews about professionalism and blah di dum, have taken me far away into the land of maturity and responsibility for my own education that I had to neglect you for so long dear blog! But alas, the work is finished (for now). It's easter time (for now), and I'm planning on doing nothing other than reading le Bible... and trying to inhabit somewhat of a life. (Rant.Rant. RANNNT...)

Okay. Well. The title doesn't mean anything per se, except i'm just liking all things lace at the minute! lacy skirts, lacy dresses (of which i'm a proud owner.... who knows, maybe i'll even do an outfit post of it! *insert emoticon of horror*), belts, hairbands. You name it. Its that time for lace methinks!!!!
Jourdan, Jessica and Bette... Miuiccia Prada Fall 2008... I know, I know, it was two years ago... but i'm only just getting the hang of lace as outerwear you know? more to be added to le wardrobe. with LINING underneath however, thank you!

(Pictures from

...Oh my wow. it's 6 o'clock. Errm... Good morning, happy (well not happy... Jesus died) easter. Bye for now. That will be all; finito.

Toodles and shish kebabs,

Her Ladyship.


  1. I love lovely lace! Just bought a lace blazer which is so pretty and gearing myself up to buy the insane AA lace body, eep! Your blog is great, definitely be back! come follow TBAG if you fancy, love xx

  2. LOL. I haven't actually worn my dress yet, looking for the right outfit combo/atmosphere to wear it!
    Thanks! :)

  3. I've never been a huge fan of Prada. To me, the brand always represented overpriced nylon "luxury" bags that would be toted around my private school classmates as their "bookbags." [but I digress] However, after a recent trip to Nordstrom, and trying on some fabulous shoes for spring by Prada, I am most certainly on board!

    off with her head!

  4. ...Prada bags aren't really my cup of tea...But as 'book bags'? Shocking, then again the joys (perils) of private schools I guess (digressed along with you) ... But I saw this collection, only recently and I was in love! We're slightly late in jumping on the Prada bandwagon methinks!

    Thanks for the love! :)



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