Friday, 21 May 2010 what?

Sorry... haven't really written about or divulged in anything fashion - related these days; welllll other than purchasing florals.Dresses, to be exact...Obsession at the minute, something I wasn't really expecting. Need some no-nonsense work boots to toughen up the barbie-esque image, however. Because its fun to play around with clothes! *giggles*.  Other than that, fashion related topics or information has been slightly overlooked these past weeks,

  • Because i'm stone cold broke and cba to stand in grocery stores rifling through Vogue magazines
  • I discovered the cheap way to fuel my fashion obsession by going to my university's library to read them (surprisingly, they have soooo many; Vogue UK and Italiaaaa! ...Except I was MORE interested and tempted to read 'em when I had the metabolic pathway of proteins to study...ahhh the woes of life...)
  • I'm rather quite me, it's ridiculously time consuming catching up with a whole lotta nothing-ness...
I really had/have nothing to blab on about...But its fun writing on here. So why the heck not!

Okay...So I re- conjured (LOL at word choice) my love for Bill Wither's 'Aint No Sunshine'...And another obsession commenced. He is a genius, notwithstanding. Amazing vocals/instrumentals.. *smiles*

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