Sunday, 16 May 2010

...Your mum's so pretty, she looks like the princess from 'A Bug's Life'...

... My slightly (who'm I kidding, TOTALLY) weird, out-of-sorts, incredibly bad at using similes in giving compliments best friend, said this about my mother.


 Whilst that might sound really rude and, well, out-of-sorts and totally weird, such things come out of her mouth on a regular basis. She has 'complimented' our other friend as "being sooooo beautiful and having the head shape of an egg". At this precise moment in time, she has delusions of grandeur of becoming a mega-superstar from her 'amazing' sketches that she is about to post on youtube (about the hectic combination of being a university student whilst having somewhat of a social life)... To say she is different would be an UNDERSTATEMENT. Ask anybody who has had the opportunity of being in her presence for ten minutes.

Gosh I love my friends. In her own weird (i'm emphasizing the word 'weird' because she hates the word and it will give me soooo much satisfaction when she reads this *I love you Kokz* )

But, in a way, I kind of like these oxymoronic comparisons she's so terribly fond of. Because beauty is not specific, it is (shouldn't be) not absolute and based on some irrevocable rules which determine who is beautiful and who is not. And although the lines are sometimes crossed in this new-found craze of super-skinny celebrities with no waists and no boobs and no legs and no bodies, true beauty still prevails.

 Just like my 'egg-head' friend (Who is ravishingly beautiful), and my 'Princess Atta' (I think thats her name in the movie...My mummy is literally a hottie as well... )

(p.s. El Madre does NOT look like the princess from 'A Bug's Life', mind).

Wellll... From the long diatribe, you should've guessed that I am DONEEEEEE with exams!!! And I have NOTHING *cue song* else left to do...except find a job for my monstrously long summer...

So you will be seeing more of me. DEFINITELY. For better or  worse. *smiles*

Mucho amore,
Je t'aime! (as far as my love claims go in various languages...)

So yeah...bye for now.

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