Friday, 18 June 2010

A little somethin' for the something readers...

I shall get into today's post ever so swiftly, because, unlike previous posts, this topic has festered in my mind since my friends have been badgering me about it. So here goes...

Sidebar: HOWEVER, do expect little random facts/whatever-runs-through-my-mind at that precise moment chit-chat...Blame my DNA for being kooky...SORRY!

...That wasn't "swift" at all, was it? *shakes head*

Well, Buenos tardes blogville, hope all is well. I'm sure you're fine.

This is truely 'somethin', me writing 'something'  (loool...*geek face*) as opposed to any randomness that comes to mind at the precise moment that a computer is in close vicinity.

My sister-friends are the main cause of this something i'm attempting to write, since one of them constantly reminds me that this blog makes no sense, to which I refer her to the NAME of the blog. Its not called 'quirkyANYTHING' for no reason... and then she tells me how random and unbelievably abnormal I am. *Watch me get you when uni begins for calling me abnormal*

So, to dispel any notions of my 'supposed' abnormality, i've decided to write something substantial. And the only thing I can think to write about is the essence and importance of friendship and friendliness...

I love people. I'm one of those in-your-face-wanting-to-make-you-feel-at-ease-by-talking-too-much persons. And the talking too much is mostly in apprehension of the 'awkward silence' moment. Sorry if you ever have to/have witnessed such erratic behaviour on my part. Its the DNA thing again *confused face*. Some people find that unnecessary and well, downright annoying, and the others, wellllll....those are my beautiful friends whom I love and cherish! 

 Obviously, they're all not normal. Even though they like to claim 'normality'. EVEN, the friend-who-shall-not-be-named who calls me weird at every chance she gets *makes face at her*. Actually make that all of you who call me weird, weirdos! 

...SO friends. What makes them so essential in our lives? Why is it that, we search all our lives for those perfect fit of people to understand us and accept us, warts and all? 

*Sidebar: I've just downloaded the new Safari browser. And it looks hella hella hot! Makes me think my cheap-ass laptop is a nice silver MacBook *smiles*  #dontjudgeme

... Even when they piss you off sooooo much you wonder why you're friends with them in the first place, or they take your things and never return them, or they put words in your mouth, or *insert numerous complaints*.... We still long for their companionship and advice and all the other nice things they do. Lets face it. We need these slightly odd people in our lives, despite it all. Granted, we have families who love us and want the best for us and love us and still annoy the heck out of us, but they HAVE to love us. Which is the ultimate distinguishing factor between friends and family. The magical aspect of their loving us is their not having to love us; yet they do. Warts and all. If your friends are anything like mine, that is! *Shout out to all my lovers!* 

So... a few reasons why I can't be a lone ranger /love my friendies...

  • These people love me even when I don't love myself...undoubtedly 'cliche', but so very true...
  • They overlook the annoying/stupid/bad things in me and embrace the good parts.
  • They DO NOT judge me... But encourage me to be the better version of myself.
  • They dream my dream along with me...And encourage my dream to become a reality
  • They are REAL. No lies, no fakery, no additional nonsense. Just normal, imperfect people who make the time for normal *ahem* imperfect me without expecting perfection.
  • They are all individually different, but similarly A.M.A.Z.I.N.G in their own kooky ways.
  • They buy me nice GIFTs! *essential* lol.
  • Common goal: they all build me up and encourage my faith in God...
  • They expect that when they come round, food ensues....*But all that changes next year, unfortunately..Ahem Bambi, no leaving your pots in my house as an incentive*
  • ...They are aware  that I expect immense gratitude/feet kisses for making them seem like the world's best friends in cyber world! *Bart Simpson laugh*

...I'm guessing that was enough 'somethings' for awhile? Yeah. Methinks so, definitely.

So. Without further ado, I must take my leave.

Gracias, toodles, peace and spaghetti hoops!


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