Tuesday, 8 June 2010

...My Endless Love...

*cue song*
Sorry...The title has nothing to do with the content. It just happens to be the song my iTunes has decided to play at this precise moment.. Maybe this is 'My endless Love', subconsciously. Who knows?

Oh-kay... Back to reality. Sorry for the not-so-swift introduction.

Hello there blogger-town and its beautiful inhabitants!
I've missed you so very much. So much, that I haven't written anything on here for days. Penance is in order. Pleaseeeeee forgive my soul!

Sidebar: Ahhh what the 'eck! You love me way too much!

Normalement! Des Affaires des choses... lol. If that makes sense whatsoever. *must remember to speak French often*

From the irrelevance of everything i've written, it is obvious I am still jobless and very, very bored. Facebook and Twitter have become warzones of my incessant psychobabble, and so I decided to throw some of that ranting your way! Hope you like it!!!

Right about now, I'm listening to the wonder that is Doris Day, crooning about a lost lover. Sad, if you ask me. Bless her soul! *Sorry, ranting again*

Lets not get sidetracked again. I came here to rant about  the impeccable sense of style of the 50s/60s, not talk about my iTunes' magical powers at detecting my mood swings.

I think i'm a wee bit too obsessed with that era. Hence the Audrey obsession. Sue me.

Totally love this movie...'Ring a damn be-yell' loool.

how quaint!!!!


^^^Mega sega super saturn inspiration...How chic? She manages to pull of the lacy tights with a polka dotted skirt AND open toes? She's officially my best friend. 

Oh yesss...Speaking of which, sequins have recently made their way into my wardrobe. Thanks to the mother. This darling piece of sequin goodness is MINE! Thank Jesus!

All for the price of...well...pure cheapness... *chuckles to self*

Okay, i'll show you it soonish. Plan to wear it for a family party shenanigan, once i've figured out how exactly I wanna wear it!

Okay, I think i've talked WAY too much for one blog post. Do forgive me. Result of having nothing to do.

I'll be seeing you!
Loves and Polish biscuits!


  1. I'm reading your blog and I'm feeling like a kindred spirit!
    Also seems like you know Lola?

    I'm friends with her..met her in uni! :)

  2. Total touche moment! Same when I read your blog! I drafted a blog post about it, but haven't got round to posting it yet!

    Yeah, she's one of the annoying people that made it on my friends list!

    Your poems/*chirpy musings* are amazing!


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