Monday, 26 July 2010


So. First day off in forever, thank God! Except. I had to make a very useless journey to go sign my house contract and blah di dah... All that exciting, mature stuff. *okay the journey wasn't useless, seeing as it ensures I have a roof over my head and whatnot. But yeaaah... *

Anywayssss... I was being silly in the changing rooms and decided to take pictures of my goofy self. Sorry for the skittles quality though! Blame ze phone on ze camera! 

Plus I didn't really think I was gonna be posting this on here... But that's just how things have transpired.. :S

Look, its my version of this whole harem pants thing! Not that they look like harems, but you get the picture. (Sort of, i'm hoping). And it has several pleats and these little buttons on the side! 

The amazing part? I got it for 50p. Yes, 50whole pence. Feel free to be shocked on my behalf. I got it from this charity shop (of which my town is filled with), as well as other pretty stuff! Yaaaaay to the cheap clothes!!!!

Okay. I'm off for now!

Love and cheap stuff (lol),

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  1. LOL, loves it, v. enterprising, and also, taking pictures in dressing mirrors is COOL!
    Don't let anybody tell u different!
    Because they'd be lying.


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