Thursday, 5 August 2010

Umm... Yeah.

Found this on some... Well, this website, and it made me "chock" as my dear twin (You know, the one I keep telling you, whoever reads this, to check her blog? Well her) has succeeded in making the simple, mundane word "chuckle" into something the youth of today like MY cool self can 'be down with'. *shrugs*

I know i'm a geek. No need for the re-iteration, gracias.

Anyhow. I guess the photograph says it all. Except for the fact that it says 'A ice tea'. Adds to the humour, I presume... Or whatever. Feel free to laugh (or not, if you cannot appreciate such comic genuis *makes face*)

Okay. Goodbye. Till later.
Or tomorrow.
Or... something.


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