Sunday, 18 July 2010

Busy money makin' baby...

...Since the last time I wrote anything on here was anticipating a job offer, I am (glad? happy? ) here to tell you lover-ly people that...

... I have a job.

Actually, I have TWO jobs. YE-ah...

One is amazing. I get to buy nice clothes and talk to posh people... And feel good about the fact that I am a size 6, American size. Yeahhhh Babyyyy! Lol.

*In no way does my exclamation at being a size 10 mean I was striving for this weightloss or whatever, its just, me being tall and everything, I look HEFTY if any more weight than acceptable is on my body.... Not being hypocritical or anything*

Anyways... The other job? We won't talk about it. All it does is give me a few extra spending money. End of conversation.

So.... What else? Erm, I've re-decorated my room at home, which involved me throwing masses and masses of paper and school books from years past away... My trusty Audrey poster is on the walls in all its grandeur,as well as other bits and bobs of extreme randomness.... *smiles*
... And whilst this redecorating/making my room look less like Che Guevara's campsite/ reminiscing about GCSE days, I found my old English folder from high school. Needless to say, this is probably, actually NO, it IS my most prized possession. In that folder shows my unexplainable, unabashed love for the English language and Literature. Everything. A Midsummer's Night's Dream, To Kill a Mockingbird, Equus... You name it.

*I could rant on here forever. But I won't,don't worry. Incentive to come back here more often!*

I love Literature. A bit too much that I might go back to university to study it.

And. Yeah.

*On the other hand, I realise this blog has veered away from being somewhat fashion-related, to being... well... just informative about nothing* Sue me.

Well, I must be off...

Happy Mandela Day to everyone who does or doesn't read this!
Loves and BattenBurgs,

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