Sunday, 18 July 2010


...Who doesn't exist, mind.

I have no aunt called Trisha. Hello, Nigerian aboard! Normal, indefinable names do not exist in our genetic makeup.

None of my aunts can be described as 'giddy' also. No, this title was merely an over-the - top exclamation at the weird turn of events this past week.

Hence the giddy aunts.

*Isn't this beautiful? I don't blog in forever, and hey, twice in one night? Ah-may-zingggg!*

Sorry again for the ranting...

You know the weird event/happenings aforementioned? Well. Yes.

...It seems I have a twin. Yes. Twin.
She is Nigerian (Like me)

Black (Like me...duh)

Has a love for the absolutely random things in life...

Has an unhealthy love for Literature... AND COFFEE (...l..ike me)

Is trying to STEAL MY man Ian Somerhalder

*Insert all the other lovely things she and I have in common*. I found her (stalked, actually) via my friends twitter page and then proceeded to read her blog. Then recognised the uncanny similarities. Needless to say, I followed her immediately. I had to keep tabs on this twin of mine, with her consent or not. Sue me. I like seeing myself in others. Makes me feel less... abnormal, I guess... If that's what you call people of my caliber...

Or shall I say OUR caliber! *claps hands in excitement*

Anyhoos... Out of boredom/nothing else to do, I continued with the stalking (actually, she stalked me right back, added me on twitter (my new best friend, Twitter is), and proceeded to continously weird me out with her 'echoing my mind' tweets.... Scary stuff...) her blog, and just now, came across this poem she's written...

It's called 'Walking Contradiction'.

Here goes...

This is how I feel sometimes.

I feel uncomfortable in my own skin. Not wanting to go far one way or the other, not wanting to take a risk, not wanting to offend other people.

If I'm comfortable in my own skin, I wouldn't care so much.

I fluctuate. I fluctuate between liking myself, embracing who I am, to, feeling awkward, embarassed.

I'm confident.

I have self-esteem issues.

I'm loud, I'm quiet.

I secretly, probably am a little bit of an attention-whore..

And yet, when I get it, I feel uncomfortable. I don't like it, I don't feel I should get too much.

Yet when I'm in my zone, playing my guitar, singing, writing..I am an extrovert.

I'm a different person, confident, and bold, unafraid.

I basically am a walking contradiction.

My friends deserve an award or something for actually understanding me.
I know. It's amazing. Except now we're back to that weird twin thing again. This is my bloody life she's encapsulated in writing. THIS IS ME. I am a frickin' walking contradiction, to a T.
Does God make people in twos?
WHAT IS THIS? *ponders*
And this is exactly how I feel at this precise moment. In fact, I think i'm wallowing right now, not being bothered to talk about anything substantial, being blah and unreadable... For reasons only my journal knows... But yeah.
Seems I am a walking contradiction... Even at my most normal times...
Read her blog. She is a sense talker who appreciates the flimsy things in life. I am already in LOVE. You should be too, once you read her 'neurotic chirpings' as she's nicely put it...
Here... Read, and fall in love/like/whatever it is you fall into...
Thanks for listening!

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