Sunday, 25 July 2010

Farewell Melancholy...

No reason for you to stay.
Unexpected sadness
Inconceivable blah-ness.
Replenishing time! He's
Filling that empty space,
That void of nothingness,
Gnawing at my very existence.
Goodbye, Melancholy,
Our time together went by so slowly,
Like a bad game of Monopoly.
Marrying self- pity with insecurities,
Condoning isolation from realities,
Skulking around in my solitude.
Melancholy, farewell,
We don't seem to fare well
Together; incorrigible happiness
And unwanted sadness somehow,
Do not mix.

Dum Dum Dummmm!

Was working on this last night before Droopy came to visit and ended up making me sleep.
Sorry for that ridunculous Droopy analogy. Highly unnecessary.

I must depart now, Notwithstanding.
Good morrow!!!


  1. Okay, that was Amaz.Ing.
    Like fullstop in the middle of a sentence
    I love it so much!
    Also, completly diggying la droopy analogy.

  2. Twinnie!!!!
    Lol.I trust YOU to 'dig' the droopy analogy. Totally something that would come out your mouth!


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