Monday, 19 July 2010

'How do I love thee? Let me count the ways'...

The intricacies of Mucha's art is beyond compare....!

And on that note,shall I take my leave.

This poem has become my favourite since last week. Elizabeth Browning either a) Had a serious crush on someone (The kind that elicits sleepless nights and hyperactive imaginations ...)
or b) Was very much in love/tuned in to the heart of this fellow she was writing about. 

I haven't even BEGUN talking about/ ripping this poem to shreds trying to find out EXACTLY what she meant and how possible it is to find such heart gripping, real love... 

But yeah. Enough for now. Potato Wedges are summoning... Not McDonald's unfortunately, since the suckers decided to whet my appetite with it and then proceed to DISCONTINUE it. Rubbish.

Asta La Vista.

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