Thursday, 22 July 2010


So, i'm a wee bit...actually VERY obsessed with Ella Fitzgerald. And Louis Armstrong. And George Benson. And all those kind of people my parents listened to and reminisce about.

But yeah. You get the picture, right?

Anyways. I just found this. And yeah, I have the song and know all the words to it and all, but it NEVER occurred to me to youtube the darling lady!!! And I found this video clip that has ultimately made me smile. Well, since you obviously want to know why its brought such joy, i'll tell you. Watching it made me feel like I was actually watching her perform, you know, like I was at an Ella Fitzgerald concert! (sorry, my imaginations run wild all the time, so visualising myself at an event which happened YEARS before I was even THOUGHT about is terribly easy).

Added to the fact that I haven't ever been to a concert of any kind, which made my imagination go even MORE berserk.

But yeah. Here it is.

How cool is she!!!!

And this is my FAVOURITE. The video is so playful and the song is so childish and she's talking about yellow baskets all over the place... The kind of stuff that gets me unnecessarily excited. I obviously have a life, don't you know!

This has obviously enabled prime bonding time with me and the 'rentals, seeing as this is 'history repeating itself' , as my mother has said...

But yeah. It seems my room needs a tidy.

Annah (You're obviously NOT as cool as me to know that this is goodbye in Pocahontas' language).

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