Friday, 23 July 2010

...Bedtime musings...

I want to live more than experience,
Take the train and have a fiancé.
I want to read about the great thinkers,                          
Like King Solomon, and deal with issues like they're no brain-ers.
I want to practice more than I preach,
And pray more than I sing,
And listen more than I teach.
To dive heart first,
Into the whirlpool of love,
To worry less than I laugh,
Paint pictures with words,
To laugh uncontrollably when I hurt, and
Drink Cravendale till my teeth hurt.
Create more than I destroy,
And give more than I expect.
You know, the finer things in life;
I want them all.

On my way to le coucher to dormir *smiles*. I swear these things come to mind just as i'm about to hit the sack. No clue why.

Aloha anyhow...!


  1. thanks for commenting on my interior design post! Isn't it so exciting, having the freedom to do whatever you want with ur living space?! Love it!

    Truly yours,

  2. I know right?! I'm soooo excited, I'm still in the figuring out stage of what to do to my boudoir (lol as if it's that big, but whatever)

    Have fun decorating!!!!


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