Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The 'Pod' shoutout...

My 'Pod'  is probably the only technological appliance that gets me completely and gives me hope that my technology future is somewhat bright (Well... seeing as I can't even work a camera, perhaps not that bright).  Thus a shout out is in order for this beautiful ideal device to know I love it and hope to get a few more years out of it. Amen. 

So I have decided to let you in on a select few of the AMAZING music compiled on this device (hard to choose, but I did it in the end); not only by me, but cousins and other humans who let me steal their music and introduce me to the good stuff!

Okay. Let us get on with it, before my brain goes in another direction. Ummph. They are all youtube vids, so maybe it'd be tedious to look through 'em all lol.. But yeah. Here goes! I wish I could put more on. But then this post'd never end.

...And fo-inally, Zees one...

Jill Scott - The Way (On repeat at the mo'. She's one of my favourite musicians. Her music is easy to relate with, I mean here she's singing about 'scrambled eggs and grits'. Lol.)

Eric Bibb - In My Father's house (Spirituals are right up my alley... Yes!)

Gavin DeGraw - Chariot (I am seriously in love with this dude's style)

Lauryn Hill: Lost Ones (The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill is easily my favourite album!!!)

Michael Jackson: PYT (The song is sooo fun! RIP Uncle Mike. We love you.)

Kierra Sheard: Let Go

Zie'l: Is My Living In Vain (Cover, originally sung by the Clark Sisters. Their harmonies are unfair!)

Jonas Brothers: Shelf (My darling But jokes aside, they're actually really good! WELL, I like 'em).

Sade: Smooth Operator (oooh... I love me some Sade.)

Kirk Franklin Feat. Stevie Wonder: Why (I love everything about this song. The lyrics, the collaboration, the harmonica, everything).

Corrine Bailey Rae: Like A Star (oohh... languid music. Yes.)

Okiesss! I'm off to... do nothing actually. Ohhh. No, I lie, i'm off to catch up with Betty Suarez's interesting life! I want her and Daniel Meade to fall in love, really. And have little Modette- Hispanic kids. It would make my day. Really.




  1. great music taste! really, quite a lovely blog. thank you darling for checking out mine as well :) stay a friend!

  2. I have like a star, thriller and smooth operator on my ipod too. Nice songs and I dont know where I would be without my ipod.

  3. your comment INSTANTLY made my day :D and i know ! those grapes ! they weren't real , coz apprently my friend touched them and he said they were plastic (he's a show off) . and i love your blog too , and the fact that you like caramel frappuccino and potato wedges ... which are the two things I JUST LOVE :D

  4. Oh thankssss guys! I know, my friends got tired of my wailing about music and just got me one for my birthday! We've had such good times, my iPod and I!


  5. Aww these tunes always make my insides disintegrate into mush! Your taste is stellar as always ;)


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