Monday, 16 August 2010

So, you see, life is all about doing the best you can really.

I tried, to NO avail to take a substantial and show worthy picture of this little number the Mother woman bought me yesterday.

And as you can tell, I failed. BADLY, as well. As if computer retardation isn't enough, it had to spill on further to my photography skills. So, I decide to take a simple picture of a dress on a hanger, and the damn camera itself is telling me 'low lighting', every damn time. I put lights off, turn the flash on and off a couple times, and STILL no damn picture... All I get is a blurry mess...

'So, you see, life is all about doing the best you can, REALLY'!

Hence why I have decided to let you see the only picture that looks somewhat like a picture... Except it just shows the pretty little bows on the dress, and the chain strap of this cheap ass bag I bought as well. However, I shall be roping my brozzer to help me with this difficulty, seeing as he can at least work the silly thing.

Well. Here goes. Profuse apologies beforehand!

It's really pretty, really. Trust me on this. Very cutesie, Daisy Buchanan would be so proud of me. Or not. It's got a ruched waistline, and Victorian high neck thing going on, except there's these slits at the front and back that take away all the demure of the high neck. 

Just imagine a slit from the top of the neckline to the top of ze madam above's (little) waist. Yurrp. And then the waist being ruched, and the skirt being waaaay shorter. Total yurrp. Oh, and it has no sleeves either. Risqué, right? lol.

So, an Old English 'Daisy Buchanan-esque' dress that is neither white nor gold (The only colours Miss Daisy was ever described wearing in ze book, mind), with gaping boobie and back holes is pretty much what El Madre bought me, and it only cost a tenner! 

*Obvs, I shall be doing something about the gaping holes, jeez. Like wearing a cami underneath, to cover le brassiere, of course!*

Now to actually find somewhere to wear it to. Since I haven't actually been opportuned to wear any of my newly acquired, cool... ahem... clothes outside the four walls of my bedroom.

Well, I shall return with a PROPER photograph of the dress (and others), once ze brozzer returns.
For now, enjoy my descriptions! 

And now I must leave you to continue with that *points at picture above*
See this? This is as good as my photography skills get. Which is why I have to show you this my fine photography of this fine novel!

So, Adios, and thanks for listening!

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  1. Sounds veryy chic indeeddy..aussi..I have that PRECISE copy of Semse and Sensibility..a little bit of pointless trivia for ya ;)


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