Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Hello there/ In other news/ I should be making notes on spectroscopy...

I guess I need not bother with pleasantries, seeing as I am so clever and have killed three birds with one very FAT rock, and said hello in the title.

*By now, unnecessary rants such as the one above should be expected on here, you know, given the blog in question (muffled giggles)*

Yeah. I should be making notes on spectroscopy and how important it is that I know about the speed of light to save a patient's furry tongue, or itchy testicle (these things are real, believe me. And WE PHARMACISTS have to deal with these issues. Gahhh.), because OBVIOUSLY, the frequency and the wavelength of light and radiation and the like are expedient to my becoming an excellent health professional.

Sidebar: I am posting this in my house mate's room, and she is talking to her laptop. Seriously. Telling it how she's going to get lost or something, and obviously enjoying the conversation she is having with herself... I mean, laptop. And she is the main culprit for calling me weird. Imagine. (shakes head)

ANYHOW, it seems I am running out of nonsense to post on here these days. Actually, scratch that. I am full of nonsense to put on here, but instead, I have decided to torture my loverly friends/colleagues/house mates with all my psycho babble. Annoying them is ORGASMIC. Really. And... um... yeah.
  But, addressing the OTHER NEWS aforementioned, did I mention already that we have ourselves a spanking, beautilicious, smarmazing house? Yeah. We do. It looks... GORGE, for no other word describes my gushy feelings for our home. (Gorge, you know? Ewww...)

I have the biggest wardrobe, as if the Fates knew that my little town would be selling couture for 50pence all summer, which I WOULD INEVITABLY purchase (and oh my, did I purchase! lol), thus causing me to have quite a number of cool clothes, if I may say so myself. And humbly so, even (Such humility, eh?). Do not fret, soon, when I can convince a camera that we can be acquaintances, I will do a haul post on all my beautiful finds of summer.
      Which, finally, leads me to the reason behind this post. My latest beautiful summer find. And please. No need to remind me that we are more in winter than autumn, let alone summer, but, it's back to the Fates again, because, actually, the sun was shining today. Brightly, as a matter of fact. And I think it may have had something to do with me. You see, my shoes came today.

(Insert wails/screams/body fluids representing excitement, depending on whatever culture you belong to)

So, my shoes. Boots. Yes, boots. My red, tartan, Dr Marten boots. Mm-hmm. They turned up today, after being highly anticipated. After running home straight after lectures everyday since last week to wait for the damned postman to deliver my bundle of orgasmic joy, it finally came. And please. Despite the fact that Dr Martens are not seen as anything special any longer to some people given the ubiquitous overhaul of military boots and the like overshadowing the beauty of good ole' Docs, I am still ecstatic over mine. So much so that I almost...actually did run downstairs scantily clad to receive them. But common sense made me run back upstairs, and address the postman from the stairs, rather than in my bra and panties. Amen to wisdom!

To save you (and my fingers and my imagination) from the sordid details of why my babies came so late, I shall simply tell you this. They are MAGNIFICENT. So much so that I want to take them to bed with me, and stroke them all day long.

I think I'll settle for my feet to get all their sweet sweet loving however. Rational huh?

I am SO very proud of myself for finding such a pair of beauties, and look forward to treating them with exceedingly great care and love throughout our relationship. LOVE has only just begun.

*Unfortunately, no pictures of ze boots atm. Because of my retardedness with a camera, no doubt, BUT tomorrow, I shall be with able bodied, normal homo sapiens, who can work those darned things. Amen*

For now, these pictures from the website will have to do. But TOMORROW!!! Oh.... I am more than excited right now. Screw you, spectroscopy. Dr Martens need to be reverenced and adored!

Yeah. Okay. Bye for now...

Finally reading Chimamanda's 'Half of a Yellow Sun', and I'm liking it so far. What a hormonal little boy Ugwu is. Bless him... But, off to make a scrumptious, gooey chocolate cake, to commemorate my darling boots. Because I am very cool and obviously sane. Yes!

Okay. Goodbye fah' reals now.


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  1. Hope you enjoyed your read, I read it on my iPhone and everyone thought I was being consciously anti-social. Little did they know I was reading a very deep story.


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