Friday, 29 October 2010

Colour Genius. Fashion Icon. Style diva.

I really, REALLY, do not get why people have failed to grasp the unrefined artistry and creativity with which Betty Suarez puts an outfit together. No one dresses like Betty. I've tried to pull off that Betty 'swag' (for lack of another word to describe her uniqueness), and failed. I'm talking the kind of failure where you get points deducted from your exam paper because you cannot even spell your own name right. I know. So I decided to stop being Betty and start being me.

At least, i'm trying these days not to conform to what is expected of me. And I owe Betty Suarez for helping me come to such a vital, epiphanic realisation about myself. And that epiphany is just well, that I should do me, regardless of the consequences. you know, doing you means becoming a sociopath or whatever. Then please do hesitate, think AND refrain from killing that little doggie that went out to play (This is what happens when you let my imagination do the talking...)

But I digress again. Back to Betty.


How can you slate her? Alright. The Guadalajara poncho thing shall remain unnoticed and unspoken of, because well. I'm guessing she was cold and having a bad day, as we all are prone to having.  Probably due to Henry the big fat octopus. Can I get an amen?

And now the whole world is infatuated with vintage all of a sudden, and charity shops are becoming 'thrift stores', and we're all 'geek chicks' and nerdy bookworms. Isn't that amazing. Hence my main problem with the fashion world, or sect shall we call it, since models are still getting salary raises and designer clothes are still in heavy demand DESPITE our economic recline (hello? Am I missing something here? or is this credit crunch hoo ha just a silly hoax?). These people obviously live somewhere else and have a different bank system operating. Hmmm. And these fashionistas/judge panel feel the need to tell you what to wear, how to wear it, how not to wear purple once summer is here, and how grey lipstick is a must have to be an IT - idiot this season. You can tell this philosophy divides my inner core into little subsections and then proceeds to irritate each subsection. How unfortunate.

Anyhowzers, if you have not thought about how smarmazing (Apologies. I cannot seem to get 'Funny Face' off my head since like, forever... 'Swonderful, Smarvellous'...) Betty is, I suggest you do NOW. And be amazed at her fierce sense of self, and her individualism. That is a serious order.

Thanks for listening, (or perhaps not)

Shoulda woulda coulda gonna trya come  back soon! :)


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