Monday, 15 November 2010

Times like these...

Yeah... These times. I hate them. I really hate the word hate, but right now, I am too emotionally unstable to care about grammatical preferences and whatnot. Even writing this blog post is annoying. I blame my crappy mood. I BLAME freakin' pharmacy. And pharmacokinetics. And anti-epileptic drugs. I mean. Look at this...

"Unique pharmacokinetic factors that limit the therapeutic usefulness of phenytoin in treating epilepsy "

Who, being a sane, warm blooded, of this era, not a long-lost descendant of Einstein or Newton, would exclaim in ecstacy at having such a STUPID essay topic?

And the worst part of it is, well... CAN anything be worse than writing EXTENSIVELY about a chemical? In a matter of speaking, no. There is nothing worse than embarking upon a mission you know nothing about.

I feel so helpless. Very helpless, in fact. Which is why I resonate with that kid above.

And him. Charlie's brother. That helpless is how I feel.

... Because, despite the helpless situation I have been subjected to, I have to do this essay.

And that, is the most irksome part of it all. By Friday.

Life truly, aint a fair place.

Merry Christmas.

A VERY frustrated Pharmacy Student.


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