Friday, 12 November 2010

Things I like to focus on...

I've realised something all of a sudden about my fascination with fashion, if I may call it that. It's not so much the clothes designed, or the beauty of the overall collection that attracts me to a designer's artistry, more the knowledge of the message the creator is trying to pass on through his or her medium of expression. Because that is, in my opinion, the main crux of fashion; expressing one's self through an array of pieces brought together to depict a feeling or emotion, or in some cases, tell a story.

Sidebar: This is what I do. I like catwalk shows not because I can see my self clad in a table chair, or crustacean claws as a hat, but more from a literary perspective. Sue my love of Literature for this.

Anyhows. Hello there... Why am I telling you this? Well, because, I am slowly making my way through all the POP magazines my university library has to offer. POP, because well, Vogue is morphing into something my mind cannot comprehend, Harper's Bazaar is pretty much the same as Vogue, and POP has just the right amount of randomness to suit me. A girl's gotta do what she can to survive, right? I know.

So, yeah. POP magazine. Despite its overload of naked...I mean, nude (since naked is more associated with the sexual things in life and nude is what the 'artists' call their overtly showy portraits/photographs of NAKED people... I'm as confused as you are on this. Really confused) women from page to page, the magazine has quite a lot to offer. Like the December '06/ January '07 issue I'm reading right now - Yes. I'm reading it almost four years on, but that is not what we are focusing on. The focus, right now, are the interviews; the ones with John Galliano and Giles Deacon, to be precise. Not a particular avid follower of what these two designers do, but some seasons of theirs do catch my eye on occasion. But given my partiality to people who hail from random- city, I think I might've just fallen in like with Giles Deacon, especially.

"Obvious isn't what we want to do. Concentrated randomness - that's how we work, I suppose. It's those last minute tangents that are often the most interesting."
                                             - Giles Deacon

Giles RTW fall 06; Halleluyah to the randomness.

"With haute couture, we're challenging people to dream. It's also a laboratory of ideas, where we create pure and undistilled parfum..."
                                            - John Galliano

The last two pictures somehow remind me of Elsa Schiaparelli's collections, somehow. The kookiness of the colours, the hat, right down to the stance. And the bottom one is almost reminiscent of her collaborations with Dali...

Yeah. These are definitely my kinda guys. Random + heavy influx of imagination/dreaming = a very happy me. It's just something else to look forward to, is it not? Randomness is a unique sect of spontaneity, hence why I am such a believer in it. So when you hear, or read designers define their work to you, all of a sudden, what looks like a mahoosive ball of fur/masterpiece of  horror... ahem... Chanel's fall 2010 fur collection, may make sense. Depending on what exactly, the designer says, and how well it resonates with your psyche.

(The Chanel collection is still mystifying to me, whatever anyone may say. WHAT was Lagerfield thinking? That... erm...? NO. Still can't understand it)

Chanel fall 2010.Nuff said.  ??? [source]

Okay. Well. I have said enough for now. Going to keep the countdown alive! Yaaaay to Christmas!!! *face palm*. Ariberderci!



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