Monday, 21 February 2011

The 2011 inspiration// Perhaps a tumblr would be better...?

First and foremost, hello there members of the society we inhabit. Firstly, I would like to point out that it's been an age since I spoke to myself (and the possible homo-sapiens that stumble upon this) on this thing. The abominable hiatus is simply due to my inability to find time to rant about the important nothings swarming in my oh-so very sane head.

Alas! Today is a turning point for me, I promise! Given how happy and VERY fulfilled filling this space with all the goodies my brain has to offer makes me, I figure I might as well keep talking to you myself on here. Sanity did not make my New Years' Resolution list this year again, i'm afraid.

But we must press on. Do you know what is going on right now, as we converse? Do you? DOOO YOU? It's only fashion week. I mean, I don't want to be there or anything. I'd much rather write up IMPORTANT essays about visits to claustrophobic little pharmacies which lasted all of two hours and cost me money which could be put to good use in a nice charity shop. But I digress. Yet again.


I'm vereeeeee excited. VEREE. It's insane. Have you taken a peep? And despite the fact that I am aware that about a gazillion other blogs are ranting about this very same topic,  I cannot seem to bring myself to stop. It's that SHMARMAZING. One of these days, You shall see, on this very same blog, pictures of yours truly at LFW looking all jazzed up and dressed like an aubergine. Or... something.

So. Before I start telling you about my pet piranha (which I don't have), on to the beauties...

Sass&Bide Fall 2011...

They are mixology queens. Nuff spoken/said/exclaimed... And the colours!


Mixology. It is a way of life. Be a cool kid, and wear random clothing. It makes you feel tonnes better. 
Androgyny?!? Do you see this? Do youuu?! I'm safe to keep on stealing Daddy's blazers is what this tells me. I'm doing something RIGHT!

 Okay. I'll stop now. You can see how overexcited this all makes me. I'm shivering with excitement. Obviously, that was an exaggeration. Get with the programme kids! 

There's Holly Fulton to exclaim over, Topshop Unique to... erm... love... Because, really, I do love them... Sometimes. Christopher Kane... VIVIENNEEEEE -

*normalcy kicks in* Unfortunately, I have those pharmacies to write about. Before Wednesday. Erm. So. This love connection we have is cut short by reality once again. Apologies.

Tomorrow, we shall continueeeeeee!!!!

It's been OH SO FUN getting re-acquainted!!! *smothers kisses*

A bien tot. Au revoir... wddyddbdd

The Queen!
Bisous! xoxo

P.S: Totally kidding about the tumblr thing. ME? Tumblr? Hello? Retardation??? LOL!
* All the pictures are off Where would we be without them ehhh?*

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