Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Snippety Snippety... LFW 'coocoo'....// Topshop Unique

The collar!!! Jewel tones!

Dalmatian fever? Urm. Okay. I mulled the show over and over in my head, you know, trying to understand the sudden spotty love...

THEN... It hit me. 101 Dalmatians?! Cruella DE VIL, people! The very Queen Chic Mean. She was one foxy mama. All that fur and the 'look at me i'm so expensive looking with all types of dogs draped over my body' demeanour is evident in this line! See! I told you Topshop still has my heart sometimes! 

*Except when they introduce a make-up line with NAIL VARNISH for six quids. No thank you!* 


Okay. Goodbyeee! See you shooonishhh!

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