Tuesday, 15 March 2011

'I wasn't really naked, I simply didn't have any clothes on'...

I cannot believe there is not a mention of Josephine Baker on this thing; given my... erm... HEALTHY obsession with her.

She's from the Jazz Age, which is EASILY my favourite era of all time; the music, the decor, the fashion, the art - what's not to love?

She's wearing BANANAS as a skirt, and NO top! In the Twenties? Micro mini skirt wearers, you aint got NOTHIN' on sistuh Jose here! She did nude in such a tasteful manner, if I'm allowed to say so.

I wrote recently on Twitter about escaping my science-filled life to France to fulfil my dreams as a burlesque dancer. Subconsciously, I think Josephine had a lot to do with that very WISE decision of mine.

Well, I found out about good ole'  Miss Josie from my artsy cousin, and I was very jealous that I hadn't known about her before that. I know.  Tidbits of information about people who were long gone even before I was thought about are the kind I thrive on. It's exhilarating...

... Or something.

I just love how tasteful her nudity was... Okay, her breasts are on show, and her banana skirt was not covering anything  much, but  somehow, it seems okay? I respect her despite it all?

She's a cool lady. Simples.

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