Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Things we never wish for...

Despite having heard about the disastrous happenings in Japan and its neighbouring countries, I have only just summoned the courage to look at aftermath photos and video clips. I am a scaredy cat in the most mundane of situations anyway, so something as serious and earth-shattering as this seriously shakes me to my core.

The first video in particular is the scariest. The way in which the ships topple over and the cars are moved along seems too surreal; like I should be watching this in a cartoon and reminding myself that this is not real.

To the people affected however, this is possibly, the most reality they are ever going to encounter. I cannot fathom, not in the slightest, how they are coping right now. Lives lost, homes swept under water, families devastated...

Possessions? history? Achievements?

Whilst I am aware that no amount of sympathy can ever bring back the happiness and comfort to this nation, I still feel greatly pained for the grief of the people there.

... What scares me the most, is the banality of life however. Isn't it weird, how one nation can be enveloped in such immense pain and suffering, yet I'm here, in another part of the same world, sitting comfortably in my university library, wondering what sandwich to have for lunch?

There are over 10,000 people recorded dead. Even more have become homeless. But yet, I'm here. No doubt about my sympathy whatsoever; I am horrified by this situation. But I will never understand, or know how it felt to experience such devastation on that fateful Friday.

...Mothers said goodbye to their children. Probably scolded them for eating their lunch on the way to school.

...Fathers and husbands kissed their families goodbye, inspired to embark upon a new day.

... Lovers kissed, children played, the lady at the grocery store/supermarket gave an innocent woman a dirty stare for wasting her time deliberating what to purchase.

... Life went on.

Until that moment. That very moment.

... Words cannot express my heart's thoughts at this time.

People, please take some time to Pray for Japan.

Please. A prayer, a donation, anything we can do collectively to help.

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