Sunday, 20 March 2011

'If music be the food of love....'

The link above is of Amy Winehouse's acoustic live session singing 'Valerie'. OMG. I can't remember when I heard this song, but, I was seriously awestruck. Dumbfounded. Homegirl is wasting a seriously amazing, unbelievably God-given gift. Such a sad occurrence.

The title is obviously stolen. From Shakespeare. But it befits the purpose of this post, so my thieving it is for a good cause. Right?

Right now, I'm revising (We...ell... Not at this precise moment, but you get the picture right?) for an immunology test this week. It's crazy, 'cos, in typical university student fashion, I have no clue what the lectures are about. Which means I no shtick all about 'immunology' at this stage. Errm. Becausssse... I only attended ONE lecture. I know. But when you have a workload like us pharmacists do, missing a Thursday morning lecture becomes... Mandatory.

Okay. So. I'm revising. And the music on here is a selection of some of the stuff I'm serenading my ears with. I'm not sure if that's helping my revision, but, oh well! These musicians make me immensely happy. Their music is... It just is. Really. Amazeballs.

*I have this thing where I 'train' my voice myself by listening to singers whose voices make me shiver... My riffs are courtesy of  inhaling all of the stuff from Amy, Esperanza, Jazmine, Etta and Ella Fitzgerald. And that's only the women... *

Well. It seems I have said enough for now.

I must return to my exciting study of antibodies and the immune system.

Goodbye! And happy Sunday!

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