Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Urmm... Her? ....

'Urrm... Her?' was my BBM name thingie for awhile. I think I thought it sarcastic. Or something.

But anyways, Here's anozzer picture of me. On here. It's becoming quite a frequent occurrence, eh?
Guess I'm conquering my fear of this blogging thing...

My hairrr! I love it! Have I mentioned how much I love it? So coily, so beautiful!

*I think that should be a jingle. Cue catchy song: 'SO coily, SO beautiful... SO you'.

Perhaps I should focus on advertising now? *smiles*

P.S: I am unsure why there's pictures of my mother and father ON THE TV ANTENNAE. I think I did it in a hurry during a gruelling tidy session, and then forgot to take them off. Well. More information about myself in cyberspace... *bites fingers*

Well. That's me again.

Goodbye now!


  1. I have some funky glasses like that... I wore them yesterday. I always feel a little "extra" when I wear them.

    I really like your word of advice on the side. Nice. And your blog is very cute and fun!

    Thanks for stopping by mine.


  2. Lol. Don't feel extra!

    I wear them all the time; they're my prescription glasses. It's a bit out there, but why not!

    *blushes* Thanks for following! :D



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