Wednesday, 2 March 2011

'You give me the sweetest taboo...'// Holly Fulton for London Fashion Week '11

The post title is, in fact, somewhat correlated to the post this time. So I guess congratulations are in order!

More congratulations are in order as well, as I am no longer talking to myself on here! Alas, I have friends; people who are 'following' the ramblings of my OBVIOUSLY sane mind! Welcome guys, thank you so much for joining the party! As a result of this new development, I shall blog more often... And, about meaningful things (I will try, I promise I will)!

Once again, I am like so like totally like BOMBED that I like have followers. (The use of American vernacular  is definitely essential, so as to make you realize the depth of my excitement.)

Okay. Maybe I told a little fib; about the title relating to the post herein. It does, simply because I wanted to express my love for Sade's music, as well as the fact that I have an exam in about eight hours, yet blogging about mundane topics such as fashion *yawn* and music *yaaawn* seem to be my motive right about now. That, in itself, is a taboo so sweet, people. (continues song... 'you've got the biggest heart, sometimes I think you're just too good for me...')

On to the fashion now. I figure I should press on, si? non? Si!
Remember how I was excited  that it was Fashion Week season?  Well yeah. And I did not finish my ramblings about LFW! There were tonnes of shows I was in love with.  Holly Fulton was one of them actually. Holly Fulton is not a designer I am actually conversant with; but then again, I do not claim to be a fashion know- it- all. Hey, I rank Betty Suarez high in the 'fashionista' league tables... In some places, such ethos warrants my being blown to smithereens like Dexter's experiments...

HOLLY FULTON, without any more talkations from yours truly...

*Images from

OHMYGOODNESS. I am in LOVE! Yeah, I know I have used this very important word a lot of times these past days, but believe me when I say I am not using it lightly. You really have to. The collection is fun, playful, uber feminine (She changed the stereotype of  the sexy stripper girl leather micro-mini tight, cheap looking leather skirt into something classy and regal, a la Catherine Baba. I luuuurrrrve Catherine Baba. She is... just... phwoar...). Plus, did I mention that I love the colour yellow?

...Yeah. Totally dig The Fulton henceforth. You can really tell when I like/love/am obsessed about someone, when they start being referred to as The *insert cool name/person/animal here*

Holly Fulton, feel free to mail me a dress. I will write NICE things about it. Preferably the yellow one above. 

Many thanks,

Goodbyeeeee guys! I have an exam to revise for!



  1. she is great . I love the lond dresses and the use of colour

  2. Right! Ohmygoodness, the print on the maxi skirts and trousers blow me away. Very playful and quirky! I love it!



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