Friday, 25 February 2011

The post where she loses her mind over something as 'finickety' as clothes// Christopher Kane for LFW '11

Sorry for the over-enthusiasm which led to the longevity of this post title!

Actually, no. No apologies, because Christopher Kane's collection for London Fashion Week has got me miraculously doing cartwheels. It is indeed a miracle, seeing as I was never one of those cool kids that pranced about with smug expressions in primary school simply because they could do cartwheels.

Unless.... *ponders* are cartwheels the same as star jumps? I used to be able to do star jumps!!!

Ye...ahhh... I guess an apology is needed now, as I have gone on a nostalgic tangent about cartwheels. Blame my brain.

SO, Christopher Kane. Words cannot express the emotion bubbling up in my system as I write this. I mean, I know the guy is a genius and whatnot, but I guess this collection was definitely nothing I expected from the King Of Neon (get it? Kings of Leon, King of Neon?... I am such a comic genius! *applauds self*); All hypnotic, intergalactic prints and semi-structured but ever feminine tailoring and curly wurly designs. Ohmygiddyness, I just loved it all. I think, were I to have been present at the show, possibilities of me wetting myself from the excitement would have occurred. What material did he experiment with, you ask? Only plastic filled with a fluid mixture containing glycerine and vegetable oil. Not sure how my body would react to that, but, I would be willing to find out. Really willing.

*No. Please do not look at me weird, I learnt a bit too much about hyperbole as a secondary school kid. I tend to overuse this technique a lot. Do bear with me.*

*all images from

The daredevil; exploring unchartered waters and coming out victorious. I see you Christopher baby, I see you.

...I love Jourdan's dress. Way too much. And the sequined number. Good thing we can see the model has breasts since most normal women have them. Not most models though. Hmm.

I shall exeunt.
Love and Haribos,

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