Thursday, 24 March 2011

"You with the sad eyes..."

...I've noticed that of recent, my post titles tend to be quotes; unauthentic and stolen from other great minds. Take this post title, for example. It has nothing to do with anything, it just so happens that my iTunes has decided to play the Glee version of Jill Scott and Fredro Starr's 'True Colours' at this precise moment, thus leading to its name.

Not that I would have thought of an appropriate post title anyway. But... Oh well. These things happen.

We shall begin, before I go off on another pointless rant on this thing. It's almost going on 2am here, I have a test tomorrow that I know pretty much NOTHING about (I promise I am not a slobby university student who is at uni simply for the 'experience' and the 'bursaries'. I actually want to secure myself a future of some sort... Buuuut, trust me when I say that studying Pharmacy is not for the faint hearted) , and blogging is what has taken my interest right now.  Earlier, I was trying on all the shoes in my wardrobe, before that, I was wowing the people on twitter with mindless, unneccesary information (a la the existential purpose of twitter), and even before that, I gave myself a break to get myself  a MUCH DESERVED Skittles milkshake. 

Do not fret; despite my warped prioritization skills, I have resigned myself to the fact that I will not be sleeping tonight. It has to be done, eh?

Anyways, to the matter at hand. I have noticed yet another trend within my age group. Boys are falling in love, girls are falling in love with love, everyone's listening to Esperanza's 'Fall In' on repeat, girls are sighing and looking wistfully into oblivion during those uber romantic scenes in movies  (YES.. Okay. I fall into this category...) and as a result, news of emerging relationships are reaching me as quickly as Facebook status updates. Is it just me, or is it the same everywhere else?

Added to the fact that we are about ushering the WONDERFUL MONTHS OF SUMMER in. I know what you're thinking. Relationships and summer are like, the best combinations ever invented.

Only after PB&J sandwiches though.

But, yeah. Relationships. I honestly do not know what to make of them. I really wanted one during the winter months, so  I could be the proud owner of a six-foot something, Boris Kodjoe looking, guitar-toting, personal radiator. Note that I used the word 'own'. It's bad, I know. Priorities again, right? I'm still at that point where I want a relationship more for the aesthetic, Hollywood instilled reasons. For emotional stability; to be a constant in my life. The guy I could demand a cuddle from at the most unreasonable of moments, or who would let me babble on and on... and on... about how Miuiccia's shoes are a godsend, even when he has no CLUE whatsoever if Miuiccia is a brand of vormicelli, talk less of being human.

I haven't even given any thought to what HE might want from me. Not once. Not ever. My idea of an ideal relationship is always based on how much he can do for me, never once stopping to think about his feelings. Like, how he'd probably expect me to understand that when he's playing those silly games or watching some sport or the other, he is not to be disturbed?

... I guess, for right now, at this point in my life, listening to Esperanza croon about how she's found heaven by falling in love should be as far as my 'relationship' dreams go.

As well as constantly watching this video...

...Because I don't want to 'end up with HIM'. Deep stuff yo.

I must exeunt now!!!

Off to try and get some information about bacteria into my brain.

So long lovelies!


  1. Aww Swaggerman! Thankies lol


  2. Shouldn't you credit the blog that you follow where you found this? I realize it doesn't belong to that person. But recognition is polite.

  3. Hello Roz! Thanks for visiting my blog!

    with regards to the non - recognition, I didn't feel it necessary as I was already aware of the poem prior to seeing it over a krissi kronicles. It wasn't meant as an impolite gesture whatsoever. Sorry if there has been a misunderstanding.



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