Sunday, 3 April 2011


Excuse my attempt at posing in a 'cool' manner. This seems to be the only picture I took in which I do not look like a complete and utter Napoleon Dynamite-esque dork.

Can you seeeee the progression of my 'fro? Ohmygoodness! All the protective styling, the co-washing, the deep conditioning, the asking my father to purchase shea butter for me from Nigeria, seems to be working! I am on my way to gettin' my Esperanza on people! Watch this space!

I seem to talk about Espy  a lot on this thing. Sorry.

And, I cannot take pictures with anything other than a phone. Hence why there is no 'variety' in the way these photos look. Apologies.

Plus, just in case you were wondering, I do indeed love my mirror very much. Hence why I take most of my pictures in front of it.


Happy Mother's Day!!!!


  1. hahaha.. i love the picture.
    my 'fro is the same as yours.
    cant wait to get my esperanza on too.. ^_^
    you from nigeria.?? following you now. follow back,hun..

  2. Love your nail colour and denim top/dress(?)
    And the napoleon dynamite reference. Love that film.

    Emily (from IFB) xx

  3. Aww hi Emily!

    Thanks... It's a shirt... I'm gonna try and get better at this whole taking pictures of my outfit thing...

    HAHA, Napoleon Dynamite for the world!

    Hi Onyinye!!!! I loveeee your blog! Thought I was already following yours?

    Blame my slight retardation... :)
    Yessss i'm Nigerian! All the way lol.


  4. you have such gorgeous luscious lips and i love that lipstick!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  5. I'm seeing 'fros everywhere. And it seems to fit everyone but me lol. I actually really like this picture. It doesn't seem like a phone camera


  6. Adiya thank you! Lol i'm sure an afro would suit you! It suits everyone... I still have those days where I think I look like a very bad Jackson five impersonator!

    Thanks for checking out my blog!

    @Steffy, you make me blush! lol thank you!


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