Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Let Me Get Lost In My Created Fantasy...

... Just putting this video out there in case there's anyone out there who has NOT witnessed the genius that is the Nigerian singer Asa. *Yaayyy to my homegirl from my countryyyy!* 

She is super cool. Too cool for school.

I'm guessing that's why she is, in fact, not in school.
Added to that, she's probably making way too much money to bother about something as trivial as education. And stooopid tests that freak the bejewelled pants off of even John Galliano himself.

I wish I was in this video! Sitting in a bar looking oh - so - cool swathed in nothing but 60s vintage and looking... cool.

LOL. There's some lady in white sunglasses in the video that looks... shall we call it interesting?  Okay. Interestingly high on something...

They are at a bar, after all.. Intoxicated dance moves therefore, should be acceptable right?

Arggh. I am going to get serious with this running away to Paris thing to find Jean-Luc who will love my mini 'fro and devote his whole life to seeing that I am constantly happy, have little Jean-Lucs and Seyis with me who will have mini 'fros as well and live ecstatically happy lives.

So what if this doesn't exist?

Okay. Bye for now. Don't want you beautiful people to think I am actually coo coo and decide you do not like me anymore.

See you some other time. Hopefully, a saner moment than this time.


  1. Lol! Dream on, it's healthy :D LOVE the video too- the outfits, lighting, set, everything

    Thanks so much for checking my blog...and following :D


  2. hahaha... Asa is amazing!

    Your blog is tooooo cool!!!! :)



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