Saturday, 16 April 2011

Stylespiration... Shala Monroque and aunty Miuiccia...

image seen over at Vanessa Jackman; streetstyle blog

It's Shala Monroque. I vowed not to get all carried away or get seduced by her style and the sudden cyber- love for miss Shala. BUTTT. She's wearing  Prada Josephine Baker earrings.  I can't resist now. 
I didn't know there were Josephine Baker earrings available, talk less of their being made by my godmother?

SURPRISED much? I told you we were kin afterall, Miuiccia and I!

*Runs along, finds a meadow and sits contently, gazing at the greenery and beams at being kindred spirits with The Prada*

Erm. I do hope not to get sent into some facility or the other for constantly referring to Miuiccia as a member of my family. Oops.

Happy Saturday guysss!


  1. She's only the coooooooooolest person in the world! She's the creative director/owner of Prada.

    Oh gosh... I love her so much! hehe


  2. Haha!! I'm sure Miuiccia will be flattered. Those earrings ARE lovely. I like the whole picture in fact


  3. i love this woman...


I love you guys! *blows kisses* Lol...

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