Saturday, 16 April 2011

Lusting Over Shoes aye? How shallow of ye...

I. WANT. A. PAIR. Figure I should say that now before I get caught up in a fantasy story including me and these babies. Knowing me, that is very possible.
I don't think my obsession for shoes is something that has been translated unto this blog; Well, like every other   girl in the entire universe, I love shoes. So much. Okay. I have quite a fair amount of shoes, some impulse, others coveted for years, then purchased with my hard earned wages (or stolen off my mother). The best part about being obsessed with shoes is having a mother who can fuel your obsession for cheap; since she's waaaayy more obsessed than me, and has over a hundred pairs that I so happen to 'help' her wear on occasion. 
Amazing that the Fates made us the same size!

See. I told you I would begin storytelling! Sorry! Okay... Back to the Campbells...

If you pay attention much to the goings - on in blogosphere, the words Jeffery Campbell should not be news to you; all the Rumis of the blogging world have at least 73.2 pairs. And originally, I could not stand the booties. Too hefty at the top, and wayyyy too high for my 5'10/5'11 frame.The Jeffery Campbell 'Lita' is what I think they're called? More drawn towards these Acne booties, I am. *I'm stillll coveting a pair of those, mind* 
Ohh, I know... Sooo last season. Still want a pair though!

These Campbells in question are reminiscent of the vintage Salvatore Ferragamo platforms that I am totally in love with. 
If only shoes were men. Gaaah!
Sooooo! It's only appropriate that the Campbells be known as 'Salvatore', 'cos, I mean. They look dashingly alike, no? 

vintage Salvatore Ferragamo  platform wedges

JC, I aint mad atchuuu... Just send me one in my size. Sure, I may not be able to walk normally in them, BUT I WILL DO MY BEST TO. Even wear it to bed. Indeed.

This is what happens when you let an angry shoe lust-er know about vintage shoes that suddenly exist again. 

Did I mention I was a UK size 7? We..ell.. 6.5 really, but I don't think they do halves. So. 7. Kind souls out there? I'm sure there are,  right?

photos from : jacvanekal3xisp3rlman and my archive of shoes I cannot afford. Haaah.


  1. If only shoes were men oh!! Oh my, i'm jealous that you get to wear your mom's shoes- my mom isn't really into them and i don't share shoe sizes with anyone. Very disheartening lol. These babies here are so out there. I won't be able to wear them lol


  2. Sooooo you have redecorated i seee! i love the new style of your blog .. Those shoes looks like german clown shoes and i SERIOUSLY DOUBT that you can walk in them loooool.. but my dear since it is you, i start saving money so i can get u 1 for your birthday ;) loool

  3. hehehe @Adiya awww! Sorry! Lol... They are out there aren't they?! I would soooo wear them though, I'm weird like that haha.

    @Maria, Aren't you proud of me!!! I worked a computer and HOW DARE YOU SAY they look like clown shoes! *horror*

    Sooo much to learn, young 'un...Lol...


  4. those shoes are gorgeous! i would like me a pair tooo x


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