Friday, 8 April 2011

V..i..i...intageeeeee Baby....♥

I have this unrequited, unfathomable love for old things. Yes, I am with the posse of the rest of the world who have been swept away by the general 'dopeness' of the yesteryears. I am very aware that wearing vintage has automatically become a prerequisite for every fashion blogger, but that is a debate for  another post. And another time when I can actually be bothered to go off on one of those rants about trends, fashion and style.  Today however, is merely for the appreciation of my love for vintage, and the opportunity I had to be immersed in yesterday's world for some hours during Christmas last year.

I know, I know. This event happened almost four months ago, and it has only just found its way onto this thing. I guess you could blame me. Or something.

The event took place on the 9th December, at Alfies Antique Market in Marylebone. The shmeautiful esteemed - looking lady in the first picture is none other than my homedawg Maria, who knew nothing about vintage but was excited at the prospects of an adventure. Judging from the number of pictures she took that night, it would be safe to say that she became a vintage convert...

'why, goodness gracious! I am so very delighted to see you Mr Fairfeather. Such a lovely day today, wouldn't you say?'. This is totally what my expression is saying right? That is, if expressions could.. er.. speak.

We started off the evening freezing our buttocks off whilst waiting for the bus to London. Oh-em-gee, I still remember how cold it was that day. I was planning on wearing dainty shoes, but alas, the horrid weather condition could only permit my sturdy Dr Martens. No complaints however!

*Ye...ah.. The whole hugging a library of books thing. I.. erm... promise you I am actually very cool in person. I just like books okay?*

Okay. So we're at the bus stop, freezing and irked at prospects of having to wait for the bus for FORTY-FIVE MINUTES, Maria's already mumbling her usual mumbo jumbo threats of suing the bus driver for wasting our time and how she is 'going to give him a piece of her mind', when the nicest bus driver drives the bus to the stop and apologises for being late. And then lets us on the bus FREE OF CHARGE. I was ecstatic. Hey... free bus rides are always amazing. I mean, who doesn't want to feel like they're cheating the government sometimes?

So. We got to Marylebone, got lost, got hungry, found Burger King, pretended to be American hotshots (We were seriously amazing at it; asking them why their burgers 'over here' were much smaller than the ones we had in 'Uh-Meerikuh'. I know. We're an unstoppable force when we're together). and made our way to what was possibly, one of the most hilarious nights in December. I did not want to leave! We spoke to the most amazing people there, this Italian man who had the most amazing chandeliers and lamps for sale. They were definitely BEYOND my meagre university wages, so we ended up chatting about Nina Simone and jazz music. There were these two ladies at the jewellery stall (We weren't allowed to take pictures of those due to possibility of creativity theft... people stealing jewellery designs and selling them for cheaper than theirs) who were simply amazing; one was swathed in a mixture of couture and high street. By high street, I mean Primark earrings, and then on her finger was a Swarovski RING the size of my face that cost a few thousand quids. I know. You meet cool people at vintage events... When you're not hugging libraries or playing drunk.

My facial expression : priceless. Guy's facial expression: museum worthy. LOL.

So... yeah. The night ended, we drank cocktails, ate prawns and h'orduvres (I've always wanted to say that; makes me feel like an esteemed member of society... Or something), got the bus back home, and spoke about our amazing experience. 

Vintage kid forever! 

Hehehe... Toodles!


  1. FUN!!!!! Those hats are awesome.




  3. Hehee @Adiya, we just had to take pictures pretending we were going to the Royal Ascots or something.

    Lol @kokz Awwww! *hugs*

  4. Hi ShayShay,

    thatS a beautiful blog! I'm writing some stuff on vintage and would love to ask you some questions about what it means to you. Keen?

    Happy nite

  5. Oh wowww!!! Definitely! I totally do not mind at all! *covers face* That is sooo cool!

    Thank you very much!



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