Thursday, 7 April 2011

Picture thievery and other random happenings at 3.25am....

Florence Welch is just too bloomin' amazin'. I cannot keep up with her coolness. Like really.

Duckies, brogues, and double denim? My kinda gal. 
the bike however? not my scene. I already walk into doors, falling off bikes - not so tempting, gracias.

:O :O :O omg. David Gandy. No words. No words!

... And, yours truly, today. After my ABBA rendition at the bar on campus. Cool times. Ze earrings truly proclaim my whole thoughts on how I spent this beautiful day. Total, American girl 'OhMyGosh' exclamations all round. Especially when a couple of us girls began singing Aretha's 'Natural Woman' to this couple we had NEVER MET IN OUR LIVES. 
Spontaneity (and acting silly) is fun, when the sun's out.

I should go to bed now, and stop fantasizing about David Gandy's eyes. Yep. 
My eyes are twitching mercilessly anyway. Such things usually happen when you begin a lab report at 3am on the day it is meant to be submitted. Yeah. Priorities again. I know.

Goodnight for now!


  1. LOL! Steal away. Check out those socks. And those blue eyes! Sigh!!!


  2. i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE that 1st pixxx.

  3. @Adiya, thanks for endorsing my picture thieving! We can be allies, yes? lol... I know. David Gandy is too beautifully sculpted... *sighs*

    @Iani, That picture is toooooo amazing! just too much!

    Thanks for checking my blog out! :)


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