Thursday, 19 May 2011

Going GaGa for print... The VIisco "Dazzling Graphics" Campaign...

*picture credits: Bella Naija

*Shrills like an excited American when something which does not apparently warrant such an emotional outburst occurs*

I would actually scream were you in my person whilst showing you this. I think this is the reason why people look at me ridiculously funny in the library, and... well... everywhere. I thought it was 'cos of my dazzlingly beautiful facial features *flicks hairfro*...

... I digress. Again!

Well, guys, bringing Vlisco your way. Another Nigerian printmaking dynasty. I'm seriously obsessing over print more than usual these days. I think it has got to do with the whole weather thing. Ex..cepppt... The weather has been unnecessarily awkward, you know... playing with my emotions and fluctuating on a sister. 

I NEED MY SUNSHINE, dammit! How else am I going to wear my ridiculously long Ankara maxi dress ehhh? 

I really need to work on this staying on topic thing.  Vlisco! They are print masterminds. Can you see the pictures above? So vibrant, so bold, definitely dazzling right?

I'm babbling waaay too much on here, so I think I should hit the publish button and hit the sheets.

Goodddnigggghtt! (Or good morning, if you're picky)
*blows kisses*


  1. Oooh the pics are beautiful. I'm not so obsessed with print though but these lovely styles take the cake.
    I'm not picky so goodnight :)

  2. Trust me I have been going crazy over their prints and their editorials.

  3. These prints are AMAZING! So pretty and vibrant


  4. I love these pictures! They're Nigerian?? Their editorials are awesome oh!


  5. I know! Their prints are perfection. Sooo intricate and bold!

    thanks for your comments guys!



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