Monday, 23 May 2011

Sunday Best...

Erm... yeahhh... I was pretending to be a Bollywood extraodinaire...

Today's church outfit... I wanted to wear these flats I just bought as a gift to myself for finishing my exams. My best friend and I started this ritual of going shopping after exams since A - Levels, and it's stuck with us. You literally just impulse buy. Obviously, now that we're getting older, we tend to inject a tad bit more wisdom to buying on impulse; given we have bills to pay and all that jazz that comes with being an adult *shudders*. I remember one year, after a really horrid experience with a chemistry paper gone wrong, Dot (the bestie) was so depressed about the exam that she spent a WHOLE TENNER on some flimsy headband that my three year old niece could have created.

And... I didn't really come on here to babble, or let cyberspace know my whole life history. Do bear with me. So yeah. Church outfit, nothing to it, just a top, a leopard maxi skirt, and my flats. Ooooh and red lipstick! I decided to try it out...

Then, I came up with the brightest idea to strike a Naomi Campbell- esque / Tyra pose, hence the excessive eye focus, the hand on fro and the bright red pout. Which led to the picture below. *covers face*

Exams are over. This is the only reason I can give for my ridiculosities... Je suis tres desole.

Top: Next
Skirt: NewLook
Lippie: Stolen off friend lol..

Happy Sunday guys!
Jesus loves you!


  1. Very cute! Love the skirt :)

  2. I love the skirt!! the lipstick looks good on u..i need to start wearing red lipstick too

  3. Haha!! Yeah, the looking straight into the camera with smokey eyes look. :D

    Yay for finished exams. Have fun oh!!


  4. honestly, i LOVE the picture ;)

  5. THE SKIRT!! I LOVE IT. what size are you...? lol.. may be stealing this when im in your endz ;-)

    Ebinehita x


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